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Providing Excellent Commercial Insurance Services


Business Owners Policy

A BOP is a package policy typically combining General Liability and Property Insurance, along with other optional coverage, for small to medium sized businesses in lower risk businesses classes. A BOP may be available depending on the type of business, annual sales, number of employees and other factors. A BOP typically includes General Liability to cover your commercial liability and property insurance for physical assets, such as contents, that are leased or owned. The package insurance policy may also cover loss of business income and extra expense resulting from a covered loss

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial auto liability coverage provides protection for any business-owned or leased commercial vehicle. Policies usually include collision and damage coverage as well as coverage for property and personal damage to others.


Life & Health Insurance

Life Insurance
  • All major carriers (over 100)
  • Business Life Insurance:
  • Buy / Sell
  • Key Man
Employee Benefit Products
  • Group Medical, Dental, Vision
  • Group Life Insurance & Disability
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • HSA, High Deductible Plan Options
  • Section 125
Premier Services
  • Plan Administration
  • Claims Support
  • New Hire Enrollment
  • Benefit Booklets
  • COBRA Assistance
  • Section 125
  • Referral/Pre Authorized Issues
  • Eligibility
  • Plan Education
  • Supply Requests
  • Online Enrollment

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is designed to protect the business against losses even if they are negligent or liable for damage, injury or loss to another's property, reputation, or health. Typically, damages, legal defense fees and settlement charges are paid by the insuring company when a claim is filed against the business.

Directors & Officers Liability

Directors and officers liability coverage protects directors and officers against claims alleging negligence, errors and omissions, misstatements, misleading statements and misrepresentations.


Employment Practices Liability

Employment practices liability coverage protects an employer against an employee's claims such as:

Wrongful Termination Sexual or Workplace Harassment Wrongful Discipline Age Discrimination Violation of Employment Discrimination Laws Violation of Americans with Disabilities Act Wrongful Failure to Employ or Promote Wrongful Deprivation of a Career Opportunity Breach of Employment Contract Employment Related Misrepresentation Failure to Adopt Adequate Workplace Employment Policies & Procedures Illegal Retaliatory Treatment Invasion of Privacy Negligent Evaluation.

Employment Related Wrongful Infliction of Emotional Distress.

Pollution / Environmental Liability

Environmental coverage generally falls into two categories. Errors and omissions coverage, also known as professional liability, protects a professional who mistakenly designs a facility that causes pollution in some way. Pollution incident coverage protects professionals on the job in case they cause a pollution incident by perhaps backing into a sewage pipe.


Professional Liability

General Liability insurance does not protect your business against claims of professional negligence, or for failure to perform your professional duties.
For this type of coverage, the business will need a separate Professional Liability policy.

Products and Completed Operations

A policy may provide coverage for your company's completed products or services. If an injury occurs due to the use of your products or services provided, the policy would pay for the resulting damages and any legal expenses up to the policy limits.

Property Insurance

Property insurance can cover the buildings that you own and/or business property and inventory against physical loss or damage.


Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation protects your employees should an injury occur during the course of employment.
Payments are made to the injured party and can consist of medical payments, loss of wages or therapy.

Payroll Services & Tax Administration

Managing your payroll is a time-consuming process that can pose a significant compliance challenge. Our payroll services help you optimize the payroll function, mitigate payroll and tax-related risk, and give you more time to do what you do best: grow your business.

Outsource payroll administration for peace of mind

Our payroll administration services include:
  • Seamless and secure payroll administration with direct deposit and debiting
  • Real-time payroll preview and processing
  • Paperless payroll option, including e-pay stubs for employees
  • Payroll and billing reports available online each pay period
  • Electronic W-2 preparation and delivery; import W-2s directly into TurboTax
  • Transfer payroll journals into QuickBooks
  • Payroll and employment tax processing and payments
  • Tracking and processing of paid time off
  • Time and attendance management
  • Simplified payroll submittal through our secure portal

Gain valuable insight with detailed payroll reports

Access multiple reports to gain important insight into your HR, payroll and benefits spending:
  • More than 20 standard payroll, billing and HR reports
  • Available in easy-to-read PDF or CSV export formats
  • Export journal entries to QuickBooks
  • Payroll registers
  • Job costing reports
  • Departmental sort options
  • Employee data reports

HR Services

Provides our clients a cost effective solution for the administration of their Human Resources department. We offer businesses, large and small, integrated HR Management, Worksite Safety & Training, Payroll, and Benefits Administration. Areas that often need streamlined in larger businesses or are functions smaller businesses do not yet have the resources to handle are our areas on expertise. We take the time to customize each company’s HR needs with the right services to keep your business operating in a Safe, Accommodating, and Productive environment! We work closely with your company to offer the best resources that allows you to stay focused on the operations of your business, while remaining in the scope of changing labor laws, benefits administration, Workers’ Compensation laws, and payroll management.